Our Team

Leon Yeh ( Founder )

Leon Yeh

Leon has a deep background in creating software solutions for Fortune 500 (1000) companies and start-ups alike. His passion is simplifying complex issues into intuitive, simple solutions. An entrepreneur and software architect, Leon leads his team in creating solutions that are deceptively simple, yet complex in the background. You can find his latest work here.


With a background in journalism, Georgia’s experience writing for a mixture of local and national media outlets gives her storytelling depth. An SEO strategist with a deep interest in research, Georgia leverages both the right and left sides of her brain to create compelling content.


A self-taught IT expert with 22 years of experience in IT infrastructure, David has experience with Hosting companies Total Net and Total Media. He is an expert in building scalable UNIX networks and administering Cloud Systems.


A graduate of California Polytechnic University with a graduate degree in Mathematics, Michael has 14 years of experience as a System Technical Lead and System Architect. He has built several cloud-based applications throughout his career, and is an expert in 12 programming languages. Michael’s passion lies with artificial algorithms and virtual reality.