Portland Design Works is a small team working together to create beautiful, simple gear for everyday cycling. Since 2008, we've been developing gear that excites cyclists to ride and ride more often. PDW design our products to be unique, memorable and enhance the beauty of the bikes they are installed on.

Portland Design Works products are engineered and tested for the everyday cyclist, the same way high performance products are made for the most elite athletes. Their dedication to urban riding is rooted in its accessibility. They make products that meet the needs of the rider who lives life by bike, and we make products that we personally would want to use again and again, and we hope that you do too.

PDW secures sales through their direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel and retail locations. Marketing efforts needed to be divided for these two sales channels, so they could be properly tracked for efficacy.


The biggest obstacle is data migration from their previous webstore. Plus creating and developing their own Shopify Custom Theme.



Y-Verge implemented Shopify Migration and Custom Theme on budget and on time. We deployed two stores, one for customer facing store, and the other one is for their dealers.

We engineered a new sales funnel that make a distinction segmentation between the e-commerce and retail store data. Custom landing pages and automated email marketing gave each customer with a considerate purchasing experience, based on their interests, preferences and needs through the entire buying process.


Working with Y-Verge, PDW have created a unique and beautiful eCommerce solutions that allows PDW to be a lot more efficient and powerful in the marketplace.


  • YVerge Shopify Storeful App

  • Shopify Migration

  • Shopify Custom Theme