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Website & Store Set-up

We specialize in the Shopify platform. Select a template or start from scratch, we will get your store up and running.


Audits, Strategy & Integrations

Ensure that all of your digital marketing channels and data are working their hardest for you.


Maintenance & Updates

Even with the best planning and implementation, things can go awry. It’s the Wild West out there, with change being the only constant.

Our Approach

Each digital marketing channel has a distinct role to play in the ideal customer experience journey and successful e-commercy strategy. We help you track and optimize all of your channels, intelligently using data and machine learning, resulting in lower cost of customer acqusition and higher sales.

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Jody FilkinsJody FilkinsMarketing Director,

Y•Verge is an amazing business partner who understands the digital world we live in.

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